Strategic Prosperity Planning

Your Strategy for Creating an Exceptional Life!

Let me explain the diagram below. These are the basic elements of Strategic Prosperity Planning

I will explain them at a basic level as the starting point of our journey.

Strategic Prosperity Planning is is a mental framework I have developed to help educate you on the different domains of knowledge that you need to master to create success and prosperity in your life.

There are five domains of Mastery correlated to your ability to create the best version of you. These domains are Personal Mastery, Family Mastery, Business Mastery, Financial Mastery, and Value Creation Mastery.

What is Mastery?

Achievement goals can be categorized as Mastery goals or Performance goals.

Performance goals are defined by specific outcomes. For example, reaching a sales goal, running a 6 minute mile, and getting an A in Marketing are all performance goals.

Mastery goals would be more like becoming the best salesman the you can be, running the mile is fast as you can, or becoming the best marketer you can be no matter whether you are taking the class or not.

Mastery is a journey, performance is reaching a particular destination along the way.

The distinction between these types of goals is importance, because most business owners have a tendency to focus on Performance goals instead of Mastery goals, which can ultimately lead to subpar performance.

Elite Business Owners understand that it is the journey more than the destination that matters. Destinations, once reached, loose their allure. Journeys are always dynamic learning situations, where you never really know which problems that will need to be solved along the way.

The Mastery Mindset

Your thoughts on your personal ability to evolve are very much related to whether you do, or don’t. Carol Dweck’s famous work on the subject talks about two types of Mindsets. A Fixed Mindset, when you think that an outcome is out of your control. A Growth Mindset is when you think you can affect a future outcome through personal growth.

A Growth Mindset is required if you are to become a Value Creation Owner. You need to map out what future you want to create and then work towards creating it. If you don’t think you can create your desired future, then it is highly unlikely that you are going to get there. And, remember that Mastery Goals are about becoming a better version of you. So your personal growth should not be defined by performance goals.

Strategic Prosperity Planning begins with the belief that you can develop strategies to work towards mastery as a person, with your family, with your business, and achieve financial independence.

This can create massive opportunity to live your life in such a way that you achieve your true potential. Click on the button below if you would like to learn more.